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Rebuilding an index

When to consider rebuilding the index

Generally speaking, an index should never have to be completely rebuilt. Having set an optmization schedule for the indexes on the server, the indexes should be automatically pruned to perform their best. However, there are situations, such as disk failure, which can cause an index to become corrupted. In these cases you may consider rebuilding an index. However, we advise contacting your local FotoWare partner or FotoWare Support first - it may be that they can provide some useful tips on how to alleviate any problems you may have with the server without taking such a drastic step.

Rebuilding the index is also necessary when making certain changes to the index configuration, such as adding new fields or changing field definitions.

What are the implications of rebuilding an index?

When you choose to rebuild an index, Index Manager deletes the contents of the index folder completely and then restarts itself. It then starts scanning the attached document folders and begins building a brand new index from scratch. Obviously, this can take some time in very large archives, and is the reason why we recommend seeking alternative solutions before taking such drastic measures.

How to rebuild an index

To rebuild an index, open the Index Manager configuration and go to the Status page.

Click on the Index actions button and choose Rebuild. A menu shows up to let you choose which index to rebuild.

Index maintenance options


When you choose to rebuild an index, all existing index data  will be deleted and the index will be completely rebuilt. Rebuilding the index can be a time-consuming operation if it contains many files, and should typically only be done outside office hours to avoid rendering the system temporarily unavailable.

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