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How to install FFmpeg for FotoWeb, Index Manager and Color Factory

FotoWeb, Color Factory and Index Manager rely on ffmpeg to perform video transcoding.

Important: While FotoWeb includes FFMPEG in the installer and requires no additional action, Index Manager and Color Factory require manual installation of FFMPEG as described below.

Follow the instructions below to obtain and install ffmpeg on your FotoWare server(s):

and click on Download Build.

  • Open the downloaded zip file and go to the “bin” folder.
  • Copy “ffmpeg.exe” and “ffprobe.exe”.
  • Paste the files in these folders. based on which FotoWare product(s) you're using:
    • Index Manager: “C:\Program Files\FotoWare\Index Manager 8.0
    • Color Factory: “C:\Program Files\FotoWare\Color Factory 8.0
  • Restart the FotoWare services