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Activating FotoStation for Mac using the Terminal utility

​About the FotoWare activation utility

When rolling out a number of FotoStation in a network environment it will often be useful to automate the activation of the license on each computer using a logon script. This can be done by creating a logon script that runs on every computer where FotoStation has been installed.

​FotoStation includes an executable file that can be run in a logon script with additional parameters to activate and deactivate the software, to repair an activation and to dump activation information to a text file.

This executable file is located in the FotoStation app bundle, in /Applications/

When scripting installation of FotoStation the activation assistant can be run to perform a regular online activation of a volume product key. Additional flags can be set t run a silent activation.

The utility can also be used to troubleshoot activation problems, as the parameters below illustrate.

Learn more about FotoStation deployment on Mac.

Command-line parameters

"/Applications/FotoStation" -activate

Shows the activation dialog where you can enter a product key to activate. 

"/Applications/FotoStation" -activate <product key>

Activates the software with the specified product key.

"/Applications/FotoStation" -deactivate

 Shows a dialog of activated product keys where you can tick off the ones you want to deactivate.

"/Applications/FotoStation" -deactivate <product key>

Deactivates the software with the specified product key.

"/Applications/FotoStation" -repair <product key>

Used to repair a damaged, activated license. This may become necessary if hardware has been added to or removed from the computer. To learn more about repairing a broken license, click here.

"Silent" activation

To suppress the receipt message saying that the activation was successful, a -silent argument can be added to the activation string, like this:

"/Applications/FotoStation" -activate <product key> -silent

Additional command-line parameters for the activation assistant

"/Applications/FotoStation" -list

Lists all currently activated products on the machine

"/Applications/FotoStation" -dump all

Allows the user to store a text file with information about the activated features on the machine. This is typically something FotoWare support may request when troubleshooting activation issues.