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Server software licensing schemes

Normal license

  • Normal FotoWare server licenses permit installation on one server only, with a maximum of two re-hosts per year.
  • FotoWare software is not licensed for re-sale, hosting or rental, unless written confirmation of such use is given by FotoWare.

Redundancy license

A redundancy license offers a backup solution in the event of a system failure or maintenance.

  • Allows installation on a secondary computer system and can be used on hot/cold clusters or through on/off technology.
  • Licensed at 25% of the retail price of the application and can be purchased for individual applications.
  • The main license and the redundancy licenses must be covered by a Software Maintenance Agreement (18% yearly fee) or a software subscription agreement.

Staging system

A staging system is essentially a test system license that allows a customer to maintain a separate test system. It is used for testing of updates and new versions, experiments with configuration/customization and quality assurance.

  • Available at 20% of the Service license cost and must mirror production licenses.
  • Must be covered by a Software Maintenance Agreement or a software subscription agreement.
  • A Staging system is available for all FotoWare server applications.  

Did you know? A staging system can be run on a Windows 7 / 8 machine to allow test running server software before implementing the configuration in the production system.

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