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Setting access permissions on a union

When creating a union, you can determine which users are allowed access to it.

In the Index Manager Settings app, open the relevant index and go to the Access list tab. The default setting is to Allow everyone access. However, if you would like to specify access, select Specify access option and then select Add. In the view that opens, you can search for users and/or groups and give them access. You can enter the user or group name (or part of the name) and select Search to locate the entry.

The type of authentication is determined by your selection in the Authentication section in the Operations Center Settings app. For more information, see Configuring client and server authentication.

Note that restricting access to a union in Index Manager does not eliminate the possibility that a FotoStation configuration can contain a shortcut to the archive. If a user without access tries to connect to the union, they will simply get a message stating that access to the archive is denied.

Understanding access rights on union and member index level

On the Access list tab for the relevant union,  you can control which users can access the indexes attached to the selected union. However, since it is also possible to specify access lists on each attached index, this requires some explaining:

When you configure a union's connection to its member indexes, you will be asked to authenticate for access to the member index. The account you specify will be stored in the Authentication in the union's Index Manager Settings app.

Therefore, to successfully connect to a union whose member indexes have a set access list, you need to make sure that the account that is used to authenticate is also given access to the member indexes. Having done that, you can give individual users or groups access to the union on the union's access list.

When a union server connects to local indexes (indexes that reside on the same Index Manager that runs the union), the server's Process Account will be used for access to the indexes. Consequently, an access list on the member indexes will have to include the process account for correct authentication.

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