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Allowing unauthenticated users to access indexes

Learn how you can allow any unauthenticated user to access the indexes on your server

How authentication works

By default, a user connecting to an index on the server has to authenticate. An index can have an access list assigned to it, in which case only users/groups in the access list have access to the index. If an index does not have an access list associated with it, users still need to authenticate, but any user with a valid user account who can correctly authenticate on the local server or domain will be given access to the index.

Allow anonymous index access.png

If you want to disable user authentication completely and allow all users to access the indexes on the server without having to authenticate, you can enable Allow anonymous guest access in the General section of Index Manager Settings.

You also need to make sure that the access list on each index is set to Allow everyone so that when a user connects to an index, they are given immediate access without being prompted to authenticate.

This feature may be useful, for instance, if you're running an Index Manager/FotoWeb setup on your internal network and would like to manage all users through FotoWeb's access lists without special regard for security on the Index Manager server itself.

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