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Configuring Index Manager to deliver metadata to FotoWeb

Index Manager provides search and metadata services to both FotoStation and FotoWeb.

When configuring a system that involves both FotoWeb and Index Manager, it is possible to run Index Manager and FotoWeb on separate network servers. This is usually the preferred way to configure the system to achieve the best possible performance.

Note: A single FotoWeb server can only connect to one MongoDB database, and it "owns" that database. However, several Index Managers crawling your servers' file repositories can push metadata to that single database server. It is also possible to configure Index Manager to push metadata to a MongoDB replica set to maintain a high-availability scheme - see below for details.

When Index Manager and FotoWeb run on the same server

When Index Manager and FotoWeb run on the same server, Index Manager automatically detects if FotoWeb has been activated on the server and starts pushing indexed metadata to the MongoDB database that FotoWeb uses. Metadata from all indexed assets are pushed to the database, whether the index(es) have an associated FotoWeb archive or not. This push of metadata to localhost happens whether the Push metadata to FotoWeb server options is enabled or not.

For more information about MongoDB disk and memory requirements, see MongoDB disk and memory requirements.

When Index Manager and FotoWeb run on separate servers

In configurations where Index Manager and FotoWeb are installed on separate servers, Index Manager needs to be configured to connect to the MongoDB database before it can start updating its metadata records. This is done in the Index Manager Settings:

  1. In the General node, open the Indexes tab and enable Push metadata to FotoWeb server in the FotoWeb Server section.

Push metadata to FotoWare server.png

  1. The following options appear: 


The default value in the MongoDB host field is localhost. As Fotoware is installed on a separate server, you need to replace localhost with the IP address or name of the Fotoware server.

  1. Select Save.

Note: Communication between Index Manager and FotoWeb runs on port 7200 . Make sure the network firewall on the FotoWeb Server allows incoming connections on TCP port 7200 from the Index Manager server.

TCP port 7200 must NOT be open for access from an external network. Making this port publicly available, for instance from the Internet, poses a security liability.

When two or more Index Managers are configured with unions

When archives from several Index Manager servers are combined in a Union (regardless of union type), all Index Managers must be configured to push data to the MongoDB host. In such a configuration, it's important to note that all Index Manager servers must be the exact same version and build number.

When Index Manager pushes metadata to a MongoDB replica set

If you are running your own MongoDB server or replica set, see Configuring the Fotoware system to use a MongoDB replica set