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Defining how Searches with Umlaut are Handled

By default, Index Manager lets users search for assets using umlaut diacritics. However, it is possible to configure the search engine so that when a user searches for a word using umlaut, the search will also include a search for assets that contain a "simplified" two letter version of the umlaut in the metadata. The table below illustrates the umlaut and its corresponding two letter version.


A German user searches for süß in FotoStation or FotoWeb. Index Manager returns hits for both süß and suess.

Note that you cannot "reverse" the search; a search for suess will not find assets with the word süß.

To enable this function, go to the Advanced tab in the index settings and select Make searches with Umlaut diacritics also with two letter version.

Umlaut Two letter versions
ü ue
ß ss
ä ae
ö oe