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Enabling data mining of a field as an entire string

How to enable data mining of a field as a string rather than as individual words

Why use this?

By default, data mining of a field extracts all the words from the string so that each word can be filtered out separately in the data mining tables in FotoStation. However, there may be some fields for which you would prefer "string" datamining. City names, such as New York, for example, would generate separate entries for 'New' and 'York', where 'York' could potentially coincide with the city of York (England) and 'New' could coincide with New Mexico, thus producing inaccurate data mining results. For such fields consisting of more than one word where the whole entry should be construed as an entity you can enable Datamine Entire to show the entire string in the data mining tables.

Enabling data mining of an entire string

IM Datamine entire field as string.png

Open the index properties and go to the Fields tab.

Enable the Datamine Entire checkbox for the fields you want to datamine as a complete string.