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Excluding metadata fields from indexing

How to exclude certain fields from the index so that the content cannot be searched for.

Why would I want to exclude fields from the index?

If files in your archives contain sensitive information that you want to make unsearchable, or if certain fields in your files contain excess information that causes client searches to generate too many irrelevant matches, you may want to specify that these fields should not be indexed.

Although this makes it impossible to search for the information in the file in Index Manager, it does not imply that the information is not available and editable in the file. For instance, it will be possible to retrieve the file and, given that the metadata editor allows, extract and edit the content. Therefore, if your files contain sensitive information that should not be disclosed under any circumstance you should make sure only certain users have access to the archives in question.

How to exclude fields from the index

Excluding fields from indexing

  1. In Index Manager Settings, open the Fields tab for the relevant index.
  2. Select the fields you want to exclude.
  3. Restart the Index Manager service and rebuild any existing indexes to incorporate your changes. 

Note: If you choose to exclude all fields no metadata fields will be indexed. By doing so only file information (file path, file name, file size, and file type) will be indexed.


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