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Indexing Adobe InDesign documents

With an Adobe InDesign server connected, Index Manager can index InDesign documents.

Note: Preview generation using InDesign Server executables in Index Manager has been deprecated and will be set to End of Life on January 1st, 2025

How InDesign document indexing works

InDesign Server can be installed on any server in the network. Running InDesign Server on the same server as Index Manager gives a performance advantage, but this should be weighed against the extra load on the server. InDesign Server typically takes up 100% of one system CPU for 5 to 15 seconds when processing a document.

To interact with the InDesign Server, Index Manager uses a helper application called Ids Handler that has to be installed on the InDesign Server. The procedure for setting up the helper application is described below.

Enabling InDesign document indexing

The following steps are necessary to use InDesign Server with Index Manager:

  1. Open the Index Manager program folder. This is typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Fotoware\Index Manager\
  2. Copy the Ids Handler Setup.Exe file from this folder to the server where InDesign Server is installed.
  3. On the InDesign Server console, run Ids Handler Setup.
  4. Open the Service Manager on the InDesign Server server and start the Ids Handler Service. The service is set to start automatically if the server is restarted.
  5. On the General node in the Index Manager Settings, open the Indexes tab. 
  6. Enable InDesign document indexing and enter the network name of the InDesign Server. If it runs on the same server as Index Manager, set the InDesign Server name to localhost.
  7. Rebuild any index with previously indexed INDD files.

Enabling InDesign document indexing

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