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Indexing Microsoft Office documents

This topic explains how you configure Index Manager to index Microsoft Office documents (Word and PowerPoint). Index Manager will both index the document content to make it searchable and create thumbnails and previews of the document pages/slides.

How Office document indexing works

Index Manager has built-in libraries that allow it to index Office documents. To make it work, all you have to do is create an index and attach document folders to it that contain Word and PowerPoint documents. When scanning these documents, Index Manager will index the textual content in the documents and create thumbnails and previews to allow users to browse pages in FotoWare clients.

Preventing content extraction and preview generation for Office documents

If you don't want Index Manager to create previews and extract office document content to make it searchable, you can configure this per index: 
In the index properties, go to the Advanced tab and remove the checkbox labeled Extract and Index Content for Office files.

Settings that control Office document indexing

What about Excel spreadsheets?

Index Manager also supports Excel documents "out of the box". However, to add support for Excel spreadsheets in a FotoWeb version that has been updated from version 7.0, the existing filetypes.xml file in the FotoWeb Server configuration folder (C:\ProgramData\FotoWare\FotoWeb\Server Settings\Configuration) has to be replaced with a new version:

  • Stop the FotoWeb service
  • Move the FileTypes.xml file to another folder (or rename it)
  • Restart the FotoWeb services

FotoWeb will then regenerate the filetypes.xml file with added support for Excel files. If errors pertaining to the filetypes.xml file show in the FotoWeb log, verify that a new filetypes.xml file has been added to the server configuration folder and then restart FotoWeb again.

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