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Indexing PDF documents

How to configure Index Manager to index PDF documents.

How PDF document indexing works

Index Manager supports PDF document indexing natively. All you need to do is configure an index and attach folders to that index that contain PDF documents. Index Manager will then extract metadata and textual content from these documents and generate thumbnails and previews that will be shown in FotoWeb and FotoStation.

Disabling content indexing of PDF files

Settings that control PDF indexing

While Index Manager will extract content and page previews from PDFs by default, it is possible to turn this off manually per index, for example to reduce the load on the indexing engine: In the index properties, go to the Advanced tab and remove the checkbox labeled Extract and Index Content for PDF files. Bear in mind that this means that PDFs will only be represented by a generic PDF icon in your archives in FotoStation and FotoWeb. The XMP data in the files is indexed still and is fully searchable.

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