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Making empty metadata fields searchable

Explains how to index empty fields and the benefits of doing so.

How to index empty fields

Indexing empty fields

Open the index properties and go to the Fields tab. Then add a checkmark by the field name you want to index as empty.

By right-clicking inside the column you can choose to select the Most Common Fields or All Standard Fields.

Most Common Fields comprise Object name, Category, Supplemental Category, Keywords, Special instructions, Created date, Byline, City, Country, Headline, Credit, Caption, Local Caption, Unique Document ID, and Document Notes.

All Standard fields includes all the most common fields in addition to Priority, Release Date, Release Time, Created Time, Byline Title, Province State, Source, and Copyright String.


After adding fields to index as empty, the index has to be completely rebuilt to make existing content searchable in empty fields.

The benefit of indexing empty fields

In many archives metadata is only entered in certain fields, leaving most fields empty. When configured to index certain empty fields, Index Manager creates an entry in the index called xnoword for these fields, allowing users to search for empty fields using this string. This can be a good way to reduce the size of the index and thus speed up searching in very large archives.

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