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Analyzing Index Manager performance

How to use performance counters to monitor performance and analyze bottlenecks.

Performance counters

Index Manager 8.0 has performance counters - objects in the program that can be used in the Windows Performance Monitor application.

The Performance monitor application (PerfMon.exe) is available in all versions of Windows.

Tip: If you're not familiar with Performance Monitor, Microsoft TechNet has an informative article that's worth reading.


Which counters are available?

Counters are collected in groups based on activity:

  • Database (update activity in Index Manager search engine and FotoWeb database)
  • HTTP (requests from clients)
  • File Resources (metadata, thumbnails and previews)
  • Search


Group: Database

Counter: Adds and Updates

Instances monitored: dtsearch and MongoDB. Shows the number of adds and updates per second.

HTTP group

Group: HTTP

Counters: Open requests, Request duration and requests per second

Instances: File server, Index and Search

Explanation of HTTP counters

Open requests is the number of requests that are open at each sample time.

Request duration is the duration of the last request measured in milliseconds

File server instance covers requests for metadata, updates, downloads, thumbnails and previews

Index instance is mainly browse requests.

File Resources

Group: File Resource

Counters: Cache hits (%), Extract duration (ms), Request duration (ms), Requests per socond and Pre cache queue

Instances: N/A

There is a Metadata, Thumbnails and Previews version of these counters.

The Pre cache queue counter is a special counter that shows the number of new files waiting for cache warming on the index server.

Some counters here are similar to the HTTP counters but allow for more specific monitoring.


Group: Search

Counters: Cache hits (%), Search duration and Searches per second

Instances: N/A

Choosing counters in Performance Monitor

Start by clicking on theto open the list of available counters:



Next, pick the counter and instance that you want to monitor:




Notice that Request duration for Search has manually been scaled to 0.01. Since this counter is in milliseconds, it may need scaling to see longer searches. :


Report view of all performance counters


Disabling the Index Manager caches to measure uncached performance

The purpose of the caches is to lower the access time to different resources. If you want to measure the uncached performance of the file system or search, the caches in Index Manager can be disabled.

This is done by placing a file called BlockCache.txt in "C:\ProgramData\FotoWare\Index Manager\Configuration“

Then use the below words to disable parts of the cache:

If the word is present in the file, the cache is disabled. The word ALL can be used to disable all caches.

These changes can be made without restarting the service.