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Considerations when updating to a 64-bit Index Manager

Starting with Index Manager 8.0 build 800, the software is 64-bit. This document outlines important things to remember when planning an update.

Compatibility with existing configuration

The new Index Manager's configuration is compatible with your existing configuration. However, indexes will be built from scratch and stored in a new location. In a system with many assets, this requires you to plan a service window to give the indexes time to build.

The old indexes will remain in their folders, making it possible to uninstall the 64-bit version and reinstall an earlier 32-bit one if such a need should arise.

Future versions of Index Manager will be 64-bit only, so you will need to make the migration at one point or other. Bug fixes and security improvements will not be offered for the outgoing 32-bit version.

Index Manager Enterprise x64 supports "license stacking"

This means that several Index Manager Enterprise licenses (up to 4) can be activated on the same server to increase the number of assets that can be indexed. A single server can index 3 million assets (same as before), but by adding additional Index Manager Enterprise licenses a single server can now support up to 12 million assets. This will naturally have a bearing on the server's hardware requirements, but it also means you may be able to host your entire archive on fewer servers than was possible in the past.

Consider hardware requirements

As the new Index Manager will build indexes from scratch the first time it starts, you should consider whether the drives where the index data is stored have sufficient available size. Memory requirements have also been adjusted - check the updated Index Manager system requirements for pointers.

How to remove old index data folders

After updating to a 64-bit version of Index Manager, the old index data folders that were created by the 32-bit version will still remain in the file system. These can be safely removed after the update to free disk space.

The following folders created by a 32-bit Index Manager can be safely removed after updating to a 64-bit version:

IM x86 ...\Indexes\[Index Name]\IM_DATA\IM2_INDEX
IM x64 ...\Indexes\[Index Name]\IM_DATA2\IM_INDEX