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Protocol for client communications with Index Manager

What protocol do clients use for communications with Index Manager?

Ports and communications

Index Manager works as the backbone of the Fotoware system, providing search and indexing services.

To this end, client communication between clients (FotoStation and FotoWeb) and Index Manager is based on the SMB/Windows file sharing protocol.

Several client operations in the Fotoware environment rely on SMB file share access. This is true for both FotoStation and FotoWeb. Therefore, it is recommended to run server and client software on the same Local Area Network. SMB is not optimized for WAN usage, so in the event that a system requires users to connect to a Fotoware DAM system over a WAN or the Internet, it is advisable to run FotoWeb as a front-end for WAN users and place the FotoWeb and Index Manager servers on the same local network.