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Defining search synonyms in Index Manager

This topic explains how you can define synonyms on the server to allow your users to find assets with related words when searching.

Managing synonyms

Where: C:\Programdata\Fotoware\Index Manager\Index Control\THESAUR.XML

The tesaurus file is not enabled by default, and after installation, you will find that it is called Sample-THESAUR.XML

Renaming the file to THESAUR.XML will enable it, but you will have to completely rebuild your indexes to incorporate the changes. Since it's an XML file, you may want to use an XML editor to modify it since that will make it easier to tell the different nodes apart.

The contents of a standard THESAUR.xml file will look something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <Synonyms>usa "United States"</Synonyms>
    <Name>fast food</Name>
    <Synonyms>"fast food" hamburger pizza taco</Synonyms>


Inside each <Item> node you find two child items, <Name> and <Synonyms>

To define synonyms, insert the operative word in the <Name> field, then insert both the operative word and any synonyms in the <Synonyms> field, as shown above. Note how "United States" and "fast food" are put in quotation marks to indicate that the two words form a compound noun.

Usage note: To enable synonym searches in FotoStation, use the advanced search dialog and enable Use Synonym List under Search Options. In FotoWeb, synonym searching can be enabled site-wide for all users on the Searching page under Site Settings.


  • By default the thesaur.xml file is in ANSI format. To include non-English characters, add entries as described above and store the file in UTF-8 format.
  • After changing the thesaur.xml file, it is necessary to restart the Index Manager service and rebuild any existing indexes.


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