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Defining stop words

Stop words are words that Index Manager ignores when indexing content and cannot be searched for. In earlier versions of Index Manager, they were referred to as noise words. This topic explains how you can modify the stop words file to control which words Index Manager ignores and are kept out of the index.

Adding or removing stop words

Where: C:\Programdata\Fotoware\Index Manager\Index Control\dtsearch.noi

The dtsearch.noi file is a plain text file that can be edited in Notepad. It contains all of Index Manager's stop words, i.e. words that Index Manager will simply ignore when indexing your archives. Consequently, words in this list will not be searchable.

You may want to modify the stop word list to include common filler words in your language that you deem unnecessary for search. However, even if you do not want to make additions to the list, you may want to skim through the list to make sure that none of the words currently listed coincide with words that have a different meaning in your language and would therefore be useful to search for.

In the standard dtsearch.noi file that is installed, the stop words are listed in alphabetical order, but this is not required. You can add words to the top or bottom of the list as you prefer.

If you choose to modify the dtsearch.noi file you will need to completely rebuild your indexes to incorporate the changes.