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Choosing a project server for FotoStation projects

Operations Center comes with a database that hosts FotoStation projects.

Changing the FotoStation project server

By default, Operations Center uses its own internal SQL database for hosting FotoStation projects.

However, if you're already running a SQL server in your network you can change the configuration to use the external SQL server instead:

Index Manager project server settings for FotoStation projects

  1. Open Operations Center Settings and go to the Project Server node.
  2. Select Use MS SQL Database and enter the server's host name, database name, user ID,  and password in the Server field.
  3. Select Encrypt connection or Trust server certificate.
  4. Select Verify Connection. This tests the connection and, if the database or SQL Lite file is missing, it will try to create it.
    With the correct credentials, the project database schema will be created and ready for use. 
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