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Installing FotoStation

This topic walks you through the steps required to install FotoStation on your Windows PC or Mac.

Before installing

Make sure your system complies with the system requirements.

Mac installation

After downloading FotoStation, double-click the disk image (.dmg) file to mount it on your desktop. Then drag the FotoStation icon onto the Applications shortcut to copy it to the hard drive.


FotoStation Mac installer dmg.png

Next, double-click the Applications shortcut and then double-click the FotoStation icon to start the program. You can also drag it to the Dock to create a shortcut to the program for convenience.

When FotoStation is started the first time it will unpack all required modules and place them in the correct folders on the system. It will also register the licensing service and require you to enter your product activation code. You need to enter administrative credentials to complete this task.

This document explains where FotoStation places its configuration files on the Mac.

Deployment of FotoStation on Mac

In large organizations where several FotoStation licenses need to be installed, a centralized software deployment may be more practical.

Learn more about large-scale deployment of FotoStation for Mac.

Windows installation

After downloading FotoStation, double-click the installer in the download folder to install it.

Note: You need administrative privileges on the computer to install FotoStation.

Follow the steps in the installation wizard. When it completes, select the Start menu to open the start screen and then select the FotoStation shortcut to start the program. If you have problems locating the shortcut, start typing FotoStation on the home screen to locate it.

Deployment of FotoStation for Windows

To learn about large-scale deployment of FotoStation in a Windows environment using Group Policy, see Deployment of FotoStation for Windows.

Activating FotoStation

If this is your first time starting FotoStation you may be required to activate the product. Enter the product key in the activation window, making sure to avoid adding a space to the end of the product key. A green checkmark in the activation window indicates that the product key has the correct format. Select Next to proceed. FotoStation will start once the software has been successfully activated.