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Selecting images during a slide show


This how-to explains how you can sue slide shows to make image selections.

Selecting images during a slide show

During the slide show, you have the opportunity to select images. If you press Spacebar on the keyboard, the image that you are currently viewing will be selected. The selection is illustrated by a frame around the image.

By using this functionality you can select the images that you would like to keep. One approach could be to start the slide show with all images (Ctrl+A on Windows / Command–A on the Mac to select all images and click on the Slideshow button to start the slide show) and then press Spacebar to select  each image that you think you might want to keep.

When the slide show is over, the following window will appear:

If you select to Continue from start with new selection you can go through the images once more, but now you will only see the images that you wanted to keep in the first round. No images are now selected. You can once more make an image selection and remove images that you don’t want to keep.

When you are happy with all your images, you should select the End slide show, keep new selection. The slide show ends and the images that you chose to keep are still selected.

Note that the functionality is a bit different for the Mac version of FotoStation. On the Mac, the sheet that appears looks like this:

If you choose Yes, the images you selected during the slide show will stay selected after the slide show is over. If you don’t want to keep the new selection, choose No.

You can view only the selected files by clicking on the Selection button and selecting Show Selected as shown in the image above. (You can use the shortcut key Alt+A on Windows / Shift–Command–A on the Mac instead of the menu.) Then, only the selected files will show up in the image window.

For example, you can now choose to move these files into a specific folder or to edit the images using the Edit function. If, on the other hand, you would like to keep the selected images, but delete the other images, you can select the Invert selection option from the menu (or use the shortcut Shift+Ctrl+I in Windows / Shift–Command–I on the Mac). Select Delete (Move to trash on the Mac) from the Edit menu or simply press the Delete key (Command–Backspace on the Mac). The operation works as it would if you deleted the file directly from Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder, i.e. if the file you deleted was on a local disk it is placed in the system Recycle Bin (Windows) or Trash (Mac). If the file was on a server (this will typically happen when you work with an Index Manager archive), then the file is deleted immediately and can’t be recovered. As a general rule, always think twice before deleting files.

If you are working within a Project side panel, the files are removed from the project and not from your computer. You will have to select the Delete files permanently checkbox in the window that appears, to remove the files from the computer.