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Using the Selection Carousel to find your best pictures

Learn how the Carousel helps you pick your best pictures

Selecting files with the Carousel

The Carousel is a visual tool to help you separate your best pictures from the rest. It' very useful for example after you have imported a bunch of pictures from a memory stick or flash card.

To use the carousel for first need to have an initial selection. If you've just imported lots of pictures from a memory card, you can select all the pictures in the archive or folder using Ctrl-A / Command-A. Then click on the Carousel button on the toolbar to start the Carousel mode in full screen. You can also start it using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-G.

Navigating the Carousel

Use the arrow keys to go back and forth through your pictures. When you find a picture you don't want to keep, use the Down arrow to remove that picture from the bunch. If you change your mind you can immediaately use the Up arrow to restore the picture to your selection. As you work your way around the initial selection, use the down arrow to remove the pictures you decide not to keep.

When you're happy with the remaining selection, press the Escape key to end the carousel. Now, all the remaining pictures will be selected, and you can for example add them to a project or send them to an action that makes a copy of the files for safekeeping.

Tip: When you've made a copy of the files you decided to keep in Carousel mode using e.g. an Action, you can invert the selection so that the pictures you do NOT want to keep will be selected. Then you can delete them by pressing the Delete key (Command-Backspace on the Mac).

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