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Adding metadata to one file at a time

Outlines how you can add metadata to a single file at a time using the metadata editor.

Legacy Notice

This topic describes a way to add metadata that has since been replaced with a more powerful metadata editor. While you can still use this method, the updated metadata editor has a number of improvements over the old one. Learn about the new editor experience in the Editing Metadata in FotoStation topic.

How to do it

Select one file that you would like to add metadata to. Open the editor either by clicking on the Metadata button shown at the top of this topic, or by using the shortcut key Ctrl+T (Command–T on the Mac).

The metadata editor opens with the default editor. Note that there are several editors available. If you want to select a different editor (each editor has a different layout and may contain different metadata fields), choose your favorite by clicking on the File menu and then choosing the Select editor menu option.) You can also customize the editors or create a new editor to fit your needs. See the Choosing Metadata Editor topic for more information on using different editors.

Add text in the desired field. If you are happy with the text changes you made, click on the OK button. If you change your mind, click on the Cancel button to avoid saving the changes.

Note that it is possible to add text to more than one file using this method. Select the files you would like to add text to. Open the editor as described above. Add the required metadata to the first file. You can now choose between the following options:

  • Click on the OK button. The text is saved and the editor will open once more, enabling you to add new metadata to the next file.
  • Click on the Cancel button. The text change is not saved. The metadata editor will open with text for the next file.
  • Click on the Cancel All button. The text is not changed for the currently open file and editing of the remaining files is aborted.