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Adding metadata to a selection of files

Explains how you can add metadata to a number of selected files in a single operation.

Legacy Notice

This topic describes a way to add metadata that has since been replaced with a more powerful metadata editor. While you can still use this method, the updated metadata editor has a number of improvements over the old one. Learn about the new editor experience in the Editing Metadata in FotoStation topic.

How to do it

Sometimes you may want to add the same metadata to several files. For images, this could for example be adding information such as where the images were captured, caption and copyright information. This can easily be done by using the Add to selected files option found on FotoStation’s Metadata menu:

  1. Select the files that you would like to add information to. Select more than one file by clicking on the first file in a range, then Shift-clicking on the last file, or by holding down the Ctrl key (Command key on the Mac) and clicking on each file that you would like to add text to.
  2. Click on the Metadata menu and select the Add text to selected files option (shortcut key Shift+Ctrl+T on Windows and Shift–Command–T on the Mac) from the menu. A new window will open.
  3. In this window you must select how the text you enter should be handled if any of the fields that you insert new text into already contain some text. You can choose between deleting previously entered text (Replace the existing text) and adding new text after any previously entered text (Append new text to existing text). Click on the OK button.
  4. The metadata editor will open. Notice that all text fields appear to be empty and that the preview area in the editor (provided that the metadata editor chosen has a preview area) doesn’t show any preview. This is because you are about to add text to several files, in which case it doesn’t make sense to be able to view previously added text or previews of the files.
  5. Type new text into the desired fields. When you are done, click on the OK button to add the inserted text to the selected files. If you decide that you don’t want to change the text after all, click on the Cancel button.
Tip: This functionality can also be utilized through an Action, specifically by using the Add Metadata sub action.