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Finding duplicate pictures in an archive

Read on to learn how to locate duplicate pictures within an archive!

To locate similar images or duplicates within an archive

  • Select the picture for which you would like to find duplicates
  • Open the Search menu and choose Find Similar or Find duplicates

If no similarity index has yet been created for the archive, FotoStation will start processing before displaying the result. Generating the similarity index is a one-time operation.

Using Data mining to find similar pictures

A second method to locate duplicates is using data mining. Once the similarity index has been created, you can open the data mining panel in Word list mode and filter by the similarity index field. While the content of the similarity index field is pretty unreadable, clicking each entry will display exact duplicates, since they have the same similarity index value.

Tip: In large archives it can be useful to pregenerate the similarity index while you're away from the computer - Simply open the Tools menu and choose Pregenerate similarity index to start the process.