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Resizing images

This topic deals with how you can resize images; whether print size or actual pixel size.

Resizing images in FotoStation

When you are working with images you will often discover that you need to manipulate the size or resolution of the image. FotoStation can change the image’s size and resample it by using the Resize option.

Open the Resize dialog window by right-clicking on a thumbnail and selecting Resize from the context menu. (It can also be accessed from the Image menu.)

Pixel Dimensions

If you would like to specify number of pixels for the width or height, or if you would like to specify the file size, you will have to resample the image. Check the Resample image checkbox to be able to specify width, height, or file size. When you change one of the values, the other two values will change accordingly. Note that the width and height in cm (or inches, depending on the program setting) will also change accordingly.

Document Size

If you would like to change the document size without changing the actual image data, make sure that the Resample image checkbox is cleared and then make the changes to the Document size settings. This option is useful if you, for instance, want to insert the image into a presentation or if you would like to print the image. Change the width or height for the image if you want to reduce its size.

Note that the Width, Height and Resolution settings are interrelated in the way that changing one of them will change the other two accordingly (proportions are kept intact).

Resizing all selected images

If you selected more than one image when opening the Resize dialog, you can apply the current settings to all the images by selecting Apply this size to all selected images. If you want to apply different settings to each image, this checkbox must be cleared.

Preserve Original File Date: Make sure that the Preserve original file date checkbox is selected if you don’t want the resampled file’s file date to change. Note that the file date will change only if you resample the image. Changing only the Document size settings doesn’t change the image data and hence the file date will not be changed. If the checkbox is not selected, the file date for a file that is resampled will be changed to the current date.

Tip: You can also resize images to a preset size using an action.

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