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Configuring an action to import pictures from a memory card


Learn how to create an action that renames files and applies a predefined metadata template to the pictures before copying them to a folder on your local hard drive. This action is useful for importing pictures from a memory card and can be expanded to include additional functionality.

Creating a new action

  • First off, right-click an empty area in the right side panel and choose Create action.
  • Name the action ("Rename and add basic metadata") and optionally assign the action to a group.
  • Next, choose how FotoStation should handle any JPEG+RAW bundles on the memory card: Assuming you want to keep both RAW and JPEG versions of each shot, choose Process RAW + JPEG.
  • Click on Add to add a sub action to the workflow. Start with Rename File and click OK.
  • Now, configure file naming. Assuming you want to add a job name to the filename, you can for instance type this in the file name field: Jobname_%%INSFNUMBER
The %%INSFNUMBER operator will add a running number to all the files imported. This way all files will be named according to the job name and have a running number added to it.
  • Click on Add again and add the sub action called Add text macro/template. Then click OK.
  • Choose Use a text template and choose the template from the dropdown list. If you don't have a text template ready-made you can click on Create new macro/template to create one.
  • Now it's time to choose where to copy the files on your local drive: Click on Add to add the Copy File sub action and choose the destination folder you want to copy it to.
Tip: When configuring a copy action there's a multitude of ways that it can be configured to work precisely the way you want it to. Learn more in the configuring the copy file sub action topic.
  • Having completed the steps above, you have an action that you can use when importing files from a memory card. After having made your selections using the selection carousel you can simply drag them on to the action to have them renamed, updated with a metadata template and copied to a folder on your local hard drive.