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Installing FotoStation on Terminal server or Citrix

This article describes the requirements for installing FotoStation on Microsoft Terminal Server or Citrix.

What's required

Note: You don't need a terminal server license when using Remote desktop to connect to FotoStation on a Windows client computer. However, when FotoStation is installed on a Windows Server, it will not start without a valid terminal server license.
Note: A Terminal Server License is ONLY available if your software is covered by a valid Agreement.

To install FotoStation on a Terminal Server or in a Citrix environment, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a license for running FotoStation in this environment from your Fotoware Partner.
    • You need to send the MAC address (network interface address) of the Windows Server that will be hosting the licensing server software to your partner. 
    • You will receive a license file from Fotoware.
  2. Install the Fotoware License Server and the license file you received from Fotoware.
  3. Install FotoStation on the terminal server where you want to run the application. If you try to start FotoStation after installation you will receive a message informing you that you are not licensed to run the application in a Terminal Server environment.
  4. Set up a system-wide environment variable for all users, LM_LICENSE_FILE=port@servername, that points to the license server. The default port is 27000. You can use the server’s DNS name or the IP address of the license server. It may be necessary to reboot the server for this change to take effect. Learn more about activating clients with a license server.
  5. Start FotoStation. It will now check out a license from the license server.
  6. Configure FotoStation to use separate configurations per user or a server-based configuration.
Note: The license file running in the License Server must be renewed every 12 months. You can contact for an updated license file after you have received the key from the last fulfillment.