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How offline configurations work

LEGACY NOTE: This guide describes legacy functionality in FotoStation. In new versions of FotoStation configurations are maintained and downloaded to the client over FWP. Please refer to Creating and maintaining centralized FotoStation configurations for updated documentation.

When configured to download its configuration from a server, FotoStation has the possibility to keep a local, offline configuration also.

Working with an offline configuration

When FotoStation is configured to load a configuration from a server, you can enable an offline working mode. This is done in the FotoStation Configuration node in the program configuration window. This way, FotoStation can operate with two different configurations depending on whether the computer is connected to the office network or working independently.

 Saving and using an offline configuration 

To create a configuration to use offline, start by setting up FotoStation with access to the local folders and actions that you need. Then, simply open the File menu (FotoStation Pro menu on the Mac), choose Manage configurations, then Save offline configuration. This will save the active configuration locally for offline use so that it can be accessed when you start FotoStation and choose Work offline on the splash screen. When the computer is connected to the office network, simply log in with your user name and password as usual.


Where are the offline configuration files stored?

~/Library/Application Support/Fotoware/FotoStation/OfflineLogon