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Updating a central configuration

LEGACY NOTE: This guide describes legacy functionality in FotoStation. In new versions of FotoStation configurations are maintained and downloaded to the client over FWP. See Creating and maintaining centralized FotoStation configurations for updated documentation.

Updating a configuration

To update a configuration after you have made changes to it, go to File (FotoStation Pro on Mac), select Manage configurations > Upload configuration to server. Locate the FotoStation Logon folder and select OK, then select Update an existing configuration and choose the configuration to update from the dropdown list.


When FotoStation is configured to use a centrally stored configuration, any changes that the user makes to the configuration, such as creating new archives and actions, will not be saved when the user quits the program. Upon a program restart, FotoStation will load the configuration from the server again and any changes the user made during the last session will be gone. This behavior is intended since it makes it impossible for users to make permanent changes to the centrally stored configuration. A system administrator can restore the original configuration simply by restarting the program.

To update the configuration, either a FotoStation user account has to have “upload configuration on exit” privileges set in the user administration or the configuration has to be updated manually, as described in the paragraph above.

If the network is down, a message will inform the user that the network folder is unavailable FotoStation will use the last good configuration, which has been cached to the local disk.

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