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Change IPTC character set (codepage) sub action


This sub action is used to change the codepage of the IPTC metadata block of images. It has no effect on pictures tagged with XMP metadata.


This sub action is used when you would like to change the IPTC character set used when storing IPTC metadata in files. Since FotoStation will automatically detect (and display correctly) what character set (codepage) was used when metadata was originally added to the file, this sub action is normally used if the metadata should be viewed by other applications.

Please note that this sub action will only apply to metadata saved as IPTC, not XMP, since XMP saves metadata as Unicode (UTF-8).

Character Set/Codepage Options

This sub action has only one option: The character set that files processed using this sub action should be converted to. Select the desired codepage from the dropdown list.

Please note the following: Normally, FotoStation will automatically detect the original codepage of the files being processed. The detected codepage will be converted via Unicode to the codepage you select in the dropdown list.

If FotoStation cannot correctly identify the file’s original codepage, the codepage settings in the Metadata section of FotoStation’s configuration dialog is used. (The codepage set in Default character set translation used  for reading IPTC text  is used to read the text from the file, and the codepage set in Default character set used for saving IPTC text is used as the codepage used when storing text.)

If the codepage conversion results in errors, i.e. garbled text or illegal characters, FotoStation will not convert that file’s codepage but rather leave the original codepage unchanged.

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