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FTP upload sub action

Use this sub action to transfer your file selection to a preset FTP server.


The FTP Upload sub action is used to upload files to an FTP server. Mac and Windows implementations are identical, so the features are the same whichever platform you're running FotoStation on.

FTP Upload Options

Enter the FTP server name or the IP address to the FTP server in the Host field and specify the port number. The default port number for FTP access is 21.

To use FTPS, use port 443 (or another port if the server uses non-standard settings) and tick the option Use Secure FTP (FTPS) mode. 

Normally, the FTP server will require you to log on to be able to upload files. To be able to log on to the server, enter a user name into the User name field and a password into the Password field. If you need more information regarding how to log on to the server, please contact the server administrator.

Destination directory: In the Destination directory field you may enter the path to the folder on the FTP server where you want to put the files.

File Name Prefix: If you wish, you can add a prefix to the file name of all the files you are uploading using this sub action. It may be a good idea to add a separator (such as a dash or an underscore) to the end of the prefix to separate it from the filename. If you would like to perform more advanced renaming of the files (such as adding a running number to the uploaded files), use the Rename sub action prior to using the FTP upload sub action. (See the Rename sub action topic to learn more.)

Note: FotoStation uses passive mode FTP. It supports unsecured FTP and secure FTPS - not SFTP.

Keeping the Connection Open

You may also keep an FTP session open, i.e. not log off after a successful upload, by selecting Keep connection open between batches. This will help save time if you upload files in several batches, as FotoStation doesn’t have to log in and verify the username and password every time files are uploaded. The FTP session will be closed when you exit FotoStation or when the FTP server closes the connection (server timeout).

Testing the Connection

Having configured the FTP settings you can click the Test now button to see if you can successfully connect to the server. A window will display the response from the FTP server and indicate whether or not a connection was established.

Resuming incomplete file transfers

For both the FotoWeb Upload sub action and the FTP Upload sub action, FotoStation keeps a simple database that records the state of assets that are queued for transfer.

After a successful transfer a little green icon is shown on the original asset. This marker is based on the presence of metadata in the Transferred by field (metadata field #363) and is automatically populated with the successful transfer of each asset. The marker can be be cleared by removing the contents of this field. If such editing is not desired, make sure the field is not exposed for editing in any of the included metadata editors, and that it does not appear in any drop down menus

If a file fails to transfer, it will be marked with a red icon. To retry/resume the transfer, open the Actions menu and choose Resume Uploads, where you find a list of incomplete transfers. Simply choosing the job from this list will initiate a new transfer of the assets that failed to transfer last time. You can also clear the state of any pending uploads in this list.

Tip: If you exit FotoStation before a transfer is completed, you will be asked to resume the upload the next time it starts.