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JPEG file size sub action

Use this sub action to control the size of JPEG files in your workflow output.


This sub action lets you set the maximum file size of a JPEG file. Note that non-JPEG files are not affected by this sub action. This means that if you apply this sub action to a non-JPEG file (such as TIFF or GIF), the sub action will simply be ignored. It also means that after a Save file sub action that stores images in TIFF or EPS format, the image sizes are not reduced.

Use this sub action if you for some reason need to reduce the file size. This can for example happen if you are uploading several large JPEG files to the web (for example using the HTTP Upload sub action). If the size of an image is larger than the Maximum file size for JPEG Files, then the image will be recompressed using a higher compression ratio so that the uploaded file won’t be larger than the specified size.

Please note that this sub action overwrites the original JPEG file. If you don’t want to reduce the original file’s size, we suggest that you perform this sub action on a copy of the original file and keep the original file in a safe place!

Keep in mind that JPEG recompression will somewhat reduce the quality of the images, so that sometimes it may be more beneficial to adjust the compression settings in the preceding Save file or File format sub action to avoid losing image quality by having to compress the JPEG twice.

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