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Print sub action

Use this sub action to print pictures using a preset template and printer.



The Print sub action is used to print images. The printer setup and choice of print template is similar to that of the standard FotoStation Print feature, which is documented in the Printing topic.

Setting Up the Print Action

Start by clicking on the Setup print action button. In Windows, the standard printer setup dialog will open the first time you click on the button, giving you access to general printer preferences such as printer, number of copies, etc. Click on the Print button when you are done setting the preferences. Please note that this will not print the document. It will only set up the printer.

If you would like to change the printer or any other print preferences, click on the Print Setup button in FotoStation’s print dialog.

As explained in the Printing topic in this manual, the print dialog lets you choose from a number of single and multi-image templates, and you can also modify existing templates or create new ones.

When you are done setting up the Print sub action, click on the OK button to close the window.

Keep in mind that if you intend to set up a chain of sub actions that modifies images (image processing sub actions) before you add a Print sub action at a later point in the chain, you must use one of the two save sub actions so that the changes are incorporated in the file before it is printed. Otherwise, any changes made will not be visible on the print, since the last saved copy of the file is printed.

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