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Tag with ICC profile sub action

Use this sub action to tag your pictures with an ICC color management profile.


This sub action is used for tagging an image file with an ICC profile. It does not alter the image data in any way, it simply rewrites the file to include the ICC profile so that other systems can reproduce the image data correctly. What ICC profile should be used depends on the color space of the input image:

Grayscale Profile: From the drop-down list, select the input profile for grayscale images.

RGB Profile: From the drop-down list, select the input profile for RGB images.

CMYK Profile: From the drop-down list, select the input profile for CMYK images.

Note that if desired, you can choose to ignore images of certain color space. Select the corresponding option from the drop-down list (Ignore Grayscale images for ignoring grayscale images, Ignore RGB images for ignoring RGB images, and Ignore CMYK images for ignoring CMYK images.) This means that if you like, images of a certain color space may be ignored while the others are tagged with a profile. If you would like to use a profile that isn’t listed, you can click on the browse button on the right-hand side of the drop-down list to locate it.

Note, that if an image already has a profile when it is processed by this sub action, FotoStation will by default not overwrite it with the profile chosen in the drop-down list. If you wish to overwrite any existing profile in the image you must select the Always ignore existing profile checkbox:

Always Ignore Existing Profile: By selecting this option, any ICC profile that is already in the file will be ignored, and the profile selected in the drop-down list will overwrite it. If the option is left unchecked, FotoStation will not make any changes to files that are already tagged with an ICC profile.

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