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Text Block sub action

Use this sub action to imprint a text block with a metadata extract on your pictures.


This sub action is used for inserting a block of text in the image, for example to include copyright or contact information. You can also insert a company logo or other graphics. The text block will be appended to the actual image data as a border below the image.

Note that while the text block sub action does add image data, it does not change an image, since the text block is appended below the existing image. Thus, it is possible to crop the image to remove the text block later. If you want to make sure that the image can be viewed and at the same time prevent unauthorized use, you may want to use the Watermark sub action instead.


To set your preferences for the text block, click on the Set textblock options button. The new dialog that is shown gives you a number of options.

Including graphics in the text block

If you want to include a company logo or other graphics, you can choose between placing it left of the text block (Put logo image on the left side of the text block) or below the text block (Put logo image below the text block). Click on the browse button to locate the graphics you want to use.

Please note that while it is possible to include a logo both to the left and below the text block, (i.e. select both Put logo image ... check boxes), you should validate the result before applying the text block to several images.

Text extraction template

Enter the text you would like to include in the image, such as copyright or contact information, into this field. You can also insert dynamic codes to extract text from the file’s XMP fields, EXIF camera information, or file information such as file name and path. To do this, click on the Insert Code button and choose which type of information you want to extract from the dropdown list, then double-click on the field you want to include.

The contents of the text field may for example look like this:

Photo by: #080

This way, the Caption metadata field (field number 120) comes first in the text block, followed by the static text Photo by: and after this, the contents of the Byline metadata field (field number 080) is inserted.

Select font properties (such as font type, font style, and font size) by clicking on the Select Font button.

Setting color preferences

Text color can be set by clicking on Set Text color, and the canvas (background) color of the text block can be set by clicking on the Set Canvas color button. To make sure that the text is visible you should check to see that the canvas color and the text color “match” each other. This will normally be achieved by letting one of the colors be a dark color, and the other one a light color (for example black and white).

Always putting the text block on the longest side of the image

By selecting this checkbox, the text block will be added to the image’s right side if the image height is greater than the width, and underneath the image if the width is greater than the height.

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