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Write CD/DVD sub action

This sub action lets you write a data disc with your selected assets.


This sub action is used for writing files to a CD or a DVD. The disc is written in standard ISO format, which means it can be read both in Windows and Mac OS. FotoStation uses multi-session writing of CD’s in Windows, which means that files can be added to a CD several times until the maximum capacity of the disc is reached. In Mac OS, the disc is closed after writing and thus, multi-session burning of CD’s is not possible when using FotoStation for Mac.

Write CD/DVD Options

Create Offline Archive: When writing files to a disc, FotoStation can automatically add the written files to an offline archive, so that you may browse low-resolution copies of the images and search in their metadata even if the disc containing the files is stored elsewhere. To do this, simply select the Create offline archive option and select the archive where you would like to store it. Please refer to the Offline Files topic to learn more about the benefits of offline resources.

Create a Unique Subfolder Per Session on the CD (Windows Only): When writing a CD in Windows, FotoStation uses multi-session writing, which means that is leaves the disc “open” in case you wish to add more files to it later. Hence, if you would like to place different session files in separate folders on the disc (named according to the date they were written), you can select this option. Otherwise, files from all sessions will be stored on the root level of the disc.

Keep in mind that if you choose to store files on the CD root and later write a new session to a CD already containing files, any new file with the same name as a file already on the CD will overwrite the old one. We therefore recommend creating a separate subfolder for each writing session.

Please note that DVD’s do not support multiple writing sessions.

Specify Directory for Temporary Files: FotoStation always copies all files to a local temporary folder before writing. If you would like to specify which folder it should use, you may do this here. Be sure to choose a local volume to make sure that the data stream is not interrupted when writing.

Running the Write CD/DVD Sub Action

When running the action, FotoStation copies the files to a temporary folder and displays a summary window before the writing begins. At this point, make sure that the amount of data does not exceed the amount of space available on the disc. If your computer has more than one recorder, you may choose which one to use, and you may choose a write speed and a volume label for the disc.

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