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Watermark sub action

Use this sub action to add a watermark to pictures you process using an action.


This sub action can be used if you wish to physically watermark your images, for instance as a copyright measure when publishing images on the web.

Choosing a watermark is pretty straightforward. Enter the path to the image file you wish to use as a watermark in the Watermark image field, or click the browse button to locate it. Then choose where in the image the watermark should be placed from the dropdown list.

The watermark sub action uses an emboss filter to create a watermark effect. Absolutely gray areas (R, G and B value 128) will be transparent in the watermarked image. To achieve the best possible result, we advise using grayscale graphics for watermarking images.

You can also use PNG files with transparency enabled to create nice watermarks on your pictures.

Scale Watermark to Fit Image: This option is available if you select the Center of image option for where the watermark should be placed in the selected image. Select this option if you would like the watermark image to be scaled to fit the image processed by the sub action.

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