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Enabling users to comment on assets in an archive

Comments can be enabled by opening the properties of an archive and then choosing FotoWeb in the Other section on the General tab.

In addition, users need to be given Comments rights in the archive's access list to be allowed to leave comments on archives and their assets.

Note: The Facebook comment option is now deprecated and will be removed in an upcoming release. Any existing Facebook comments will be lost.

Note: When copying or moving assets, comments are not included.

saasjuly19 - Enabling comments on an archive.png

FotoWeb vs Facebook comments

FotoWeb comments are available within FotoWeb only, and a user needs to be authenticated to be allowed to comment on assets in the archive.

When Facebook comments are enabled, guests will be allowed to leave comments on archives and assets if they have access to the archive.

User avatars

Users can create a personal avatar at that shows alongside their comments. You can read more about creating a gravatar in this topic.

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