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Setting custom background images for use on the FotoWare login screen

By default FotoWare will download background images for use on the login screen from a FotoWare repository on the internet. If you would rather use your custom collection of background images that comply with your corporate profile, you can do so by changing the setting in the FotoWare site settings.

Where: Open the Site Configuration from the Tools menu and then choose the Appearance node. Then, in the Corporate Branding section, tick the option Use custom background images for login page and enter the URL to the collection you would like to use.

Custom background images for login page.png

How to create a custom collection of login page images?

The simplest way to create a collection is to add the images to a FotoWare album. Then create a public link to that album and paste that link in the configuration.

Other possibilities:

  • Use the URL to a public archive (an archive to which the Everyone group has browse access)
  • Publish a static json document with links to each asset in the collection and use the URL to this document in the configuration. (See below).

Note: The login collection must be from an album available for guest (such as a shared url), a public archive, or a static folder available on the same domain (for example hosted in IIS).

Creating a static json document at a fixed url

A static json document can be published at a URL that FotoWare can reach. It should be in the form of a FotoWare Collection, as documented in the API guide.

Here’s an example of the minimum information required to define a background image collection:

    "data" : [ {
        "href" : "",
        "previews": [ { 
            "size" : 1920,
            "width" : 1920,
            "height" : 1080,
            "square" : false,
            "href" : "" } ],


When creating a custom JSON document, the server that delivers the files needs the appropriate CORS policies set.