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Modifying common properties for several users

Learn how to quickly change common properties for a whole selection of users with minimal effort.

Modifying common properties for a selection of users

If you have a large user base in FotoWeb and want to modify some common settings for all of them, you can do so by opening the user management console (Tools - Manage Users/Groups) and selecting several users in the list, using the checkboxes to select individual users. Use the search feature to find specific users.

Now, it is possible to set the following properties for the entire selection using the buttons at the top of the user management window:

Set company - Sets a new company name for the entire selection of users.

Set license - Sets a new license type for the entire selection. Learn more about license types in FotoWare SaaS.

Set access - Enable/disable (lock out) the selected users.

Set expiry date - Set the date for when the user account will be disabled (=locked out) from the system.