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Setting a password policy in FotoWare

A password policy can be created in FotoWare to ensure that all users have passwords of a certain complexity to aid security.

The password policy applies:

  • When users sign up for a FotoWare account online.
  • When users change their existing password.
  • When users have forgotten their password and choose to reset it.

The password policy does not apply to users created by the system administrator in the FotoWare configuration in the Operations Center, nor does it apply to accounts imported from an Active Directory. In the case of AD integration, a Windows network password policy can be set to accomplish the same.

Creating a password policy

Open the FotoWare site management (Tools - Site Configuration). Expand the Security node and select Login and sessions. You find the password policy settings under Passwords.

Password policy.png

Select Enforce password policy and enter a regular expression (external link, Wikipedia) to control the password complexity. The Validation help text field can be used to inform users in plain text about the password requirements.

Allowing users to reset their password

By selecting the Enable "Forgot Password?" checkbox seen above, users will be able to request a password reset if they forget their passwords. Note that this will not be possible when using an external identity provider such as Azure AD - in that case, the password needs to be reset directly with the identity provider.