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Previewing and zooming in on pages in a document or a presentation

When browsing archives with documents (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, InDesign), a user can click on a thumbnail to go to the Asset Details page and preview the first page in the document. The preview contains navigation controls that appear when hovering the mouse cursor over the preview, and it is possible to flick pages back and forth or type in a page number to jump to that page.

Multi-page browsing FotoWeb main UI.png

Getting an overview of all pages in a document

To get an overview of all the pages in the document, the user can click on the Pages tab above the preview. This displays thumbnails of all the pages i the document (scroll down to display more pages in large documents). Clicking on one of the thumbnail displays a preview of that page.

Multi-page document overview in FotoWeb main UI.png

Page limit

Note that a maximum of 200 pages will be extracted from any document. To view additional pages, the user should open the file in the native application.


To zoom in PDF and other document types, navigate to the Asset Details page and click on the + icon below the preview to zoom in. When zoomed in, the + changes to a - icon to let you zoom back out.