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Navigating archives and previewing assets


Displaying search results

Tap on one of the archives in the search result to display the files that were found in that archive in a grid view.

Thumbnail view


To scroll through the thumbnails in the grid, swipe up or down.

To return to the search results, select the back arrow in the upper-left corner (circled in red above).

In the Filters drop-down list,  you can select a keyword to filter your search. For more information on filters in Fotoware, see Adding search filters to an archive

Use the options in the Sort by drop-down list to sort the results. Here you can also choose to show the results in ascending or descending order.

You can select the rendition size by choosing a value from the Rendition drop-down list (circled in green above). This icon varies in appearance depending on the selection.

Opening a preview


Select the up arrow (highlighted in red above) to display the description of the file that is loaded from its metadata.

Swipe left and right to browse through the search results in the archive in preview mode.

To open a highehigher-resolutioniew of a file, tap it. If the picture was taken in landscape mode, tilt the device to fill the screen with the preview.

  • Select PIN icon to pin the asset.
  • Select ADD TO ALBUM to open a list of available albums to which the asset can be added.
  • Select DOWNLOAD to download the asset to your device. Before downloading, you must select a rendition value. 
  • Select MORE to open a selection of Asset actions, Marker statuses, and Marker actions for the asset. 

For more information on asset actions in Fotoware, see Working with your assets.

For more information on markers in Fotoware, see Creating and configuring markers

Zooming in and out


After opening a preview you can pinch and stretch to zoom in and out. To zoom all the way out, double-tap the picture.


After zooming in, you can drag the image in any direction to pan it. 

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