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Adding search filters to an archive

By adding search filters to an archive and/or an archive's access list you can fine-tune which assets are displayed in the archive, and which files individual users and groups have access to.

How search filters work

FotoWeb archives connect to a storage pool that is indexed in real time. When setting up an archive from scratch, the entire content of the connected pool is displayed to users by default. However, you can apply two levels of search filtering on the archive: both on the archive level and on the user/group level in the access list.

This makes it possible to create several archives that, although they point to the same underlying storage pool, display different content. By applying a search filter on the access list, different groups or users accessing an archive can access different assets. It's even possible to combine archive and access list search filters.

Throughout the configuration, these search filters are referred to as Auto Searches.


Autosearch filter does not allow access control on individual assets (permalinks). In other words, auto search is not a security function but a search and browse filter to show users certain parts of an archive. Consequently, if a user has obtained a permalink to an asset, they can access that asset even if an auto search can prevent them from seeing it in the archive grid.

Applying an auto search to an archive

Configuring an autosearch for an archive

From the Tools menu (cogwheel icon), go to Site Configuration > Archives. Create a new archive or open the properties of an existing one.
On the General tab in the archive properties, in the Other section, you can enter an Autosearch filter. This filter is applied for all users who access the archive, and subsequent searches will be performed within the scope of the original search filter.

Assign a search filter according to the search reference in this topic. If you're unsure about the field number of a certain field, a reference to XMP field numbers can be found here.

Applying an auto search to an access list

If the Archive properties window in the is not open in the Operations Center, open it now.

Go to the Access list tab in the archive properties and select the user or group to which you'd like to assign an auto search. Then, assign a search filter according to the search reference in this topic and select Save.

This way, every time the user or group in question accesses the archive, FotoWeb will deliver only the files resulting from this auto search, and subsequent searches will be performed within the scope of the original search filter.

Learn more about how the archive access list works and how this, in turn, affects how auto searches behave.

Tip: Did you know that you can use auto searches to set up a browsable upload area in which each user only sees the assets that they uploaded? Learn how.

Need help with the search syntax?

Learn more about the syntax used to create auto searches in archives and access lists:

If you're already familiar with the search syntax you can find field code references here: