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Configuring Activity Exports

Learn how to enable the Activity Exports function in Site Configuration.

Enabling Activity Exports in Site Configuration is the first step in setting up the overall Activity Exports functionality. Once Activity Exports is enabled, you can configure which events to log and, if relevant, what metadata to log for the selected events.

To access this feature, you need to be a member of a group that has been assigned the Manage activity logging administrative permission. For more information, see Assigning administrative privileges to a group

  1. From the Tools menu (cogwheel icon), go to Site Configuration Activity Exports.

  2. On the Configure tab, turn on the Enable event and metadata logging toggle. For privacy reasons, this toggle is turned off by default. 
  3. You can turn on the Enable user information logging toggle if required. This logs the user ID and username for all logged events. 
    Note: User information is only logged when both Enable events and metadata logging and Enable user information logging toggles are turned on. 
  4. Open the Events tab to select the events to log. For more information, see Selecting activities to log.  
  5. Open the Metadata tab to select metadata to log. For more information, see Selecting metadata to log.
  6. Select Save
  7. The next step is to create an activity export.
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