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Adding comments to your assets

How comments work

Comments are used throughout the system to let you leave a comment on an archive, an album, or an individual asset. That way, you can interact with other users of the system to make suggestions for use, discuss which files in a collection are best suited for use in a certain context, and so on.

Fotoware comments are available within Fotoware only, and a user needs to be authenticated to be allowed to comment on assets in the archive. 

Users must have Comments permission set in the archive access list before they can comment on an archive.

Users must have commenting rights for albums to comment on an album or the assets in it.

Note: Comments you create are visible to all logged-in users. They are not, however, visible for unauthenticated users (guests) even if the archive is made public for guests.

Note: When copying or moving assets, comments are not included.

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