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April 2023 update

Learn what's included in the April 2023 update of Fotoware SaaS.


Fotoware as a Service - April 2023 update 


This release is being gradually deployed and will be available on all tenants soon. 

New functionality

  • Cookie warnings 
    You can configure and enable the cookie warning bar and the cookie policy to inform users about necessary cookies. For more information, see Configuring cookie warnings
  • Scrollable, collapsible and resizable navigation pane 
    You can now scroll, collapse, and resize the navigation pane in both the Main and Pro interface. 

Fixed issues

  • Screen readers can now read error messages if they appear when logging in and signing up to Fotoware.

Known issues

  • When using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as a browser, the star rating option for an asset is not always displayed properly.
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