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May 2019 update

Fotoware as a Service - May 2019 update


With this release we're introducing self-service management of archives and metadata views.

Before this release, managing archives and metadata views required the assistance of Fotoware Support or a Fotoware Partner to set up new archives or tweak their settings.

Now, users with the required privileges can create and modify archives themselves, and they have full control over the metadata views that govern the fields that are displayed to users in each archive and their properties.

What's required to start using the new features?

To manage archives and metadata views, users must be members of a group with the Manage archives permission set. A user with rights to manage users and groups (a feature that was made available in the previous Fotoware SaaS update) can edit the permissions of an administrative group in Fotoware and enable the feature:

Having enabled archive management for a group, log on to Fotoware with a user who's a member of that group. This will give the user access to two new features in the Tools menu - Manage archives and Manage metadata views

Documentation of new features

Complete documentation of the new archive management and metadata view features can be found in the Configuring Archives guide.

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